Gav Skeggs is a talented vocalist, songwriter and performer who sings regularly with professional bands from the UK and beyond.  
He has performed in a variety of venues from stadiums to intimate acoustic spaces. His performances have ranged from solo, duo & trio gigs to big band, orchestral and choral  concerts, with shows Europe-wide.
High profile gigs include Pink, Limp Bizkit and Status Quo support slots, BBC and ITV music television shows. 
With a rich, strong and versatile vocal sound, Gav is a singer able to perform and record with a number of different bands & producers, singing various styles of music from Jazz, Rock, & Pop through to R n’B, Hip Hop, Soul, Drum & Bass, Dance music and the Blues.
TV & Radio credits include:
Top of the pops (BBC)
Eurovision 2019 (Global Audience)
Pop World (Channel 4)
National Television Awards (ITV)
Hungarian Terrestrial TV (Pink! support with The Tarantinos)
Plus other European appearances …..
Sarah Weller Vocal Hour – JazzFM’s ‘ejazz’ radio – 
Local Radio

Gav Skeggs was born in London and raised in the English country village of Knebworth, 30 miles north of the capital. As a child he spent many summers in the grounds of Knebworth Park exploring with friends and enjoying the freedom of the open countryside.
Regularly the park would be transformed to become the legendary Music Festival venue that we still know today, hosting the finest musicians and acts from around the world. 
It’s not surprising that with the landscape of Knebworth as a backdrop to his childhood  Gav’s early interest in music developed through learning Rock guitar with friends, in his early teens. 
Music became more important to his education experience and soon his instrumental focus shifted from Guitar to Voice. As his technical understanding and musical interests grew and diversified musicians and audiences alike began to warm to his voice and see it’s growing potential. 
At 18 he co-wrote and performed a regional prize-winning song entry for the Daily Telegraph’s Young Jazz Composer competition. He went on to study music at University in Liverpool where he majored in voice and composition. 
While training his voice in the classical tradition under the tutorship of Joyce Ellis (BBC Singers) he continued to perform jazz with the Liverpool University Big Band. One member of that young band was award winning Trumpet and Flugelhorn player Bryan Corbett (us3). 
Gavin also had the fortune to sing with UK Jazz vocalist and BBC broadcaster Claire Martin. They swapped solos and Gavin was staggered by her stage presence, vocal ability and ultimately the whole idea of becoming a professional singer.
The Voice
In this period Gav sang regularly with the Liverpool Hope University Chamber Choir, including performances at both of the city’s famous cathedrals.  With lead roles in operas by both Gluck and Arne his baritone voice was, and is still, developing.
After performing in a short run of the John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera, Gav decided to focus on popular song as his chosen method of expression.
The advantage of this mixed vocal heritage continues to serve Gavin well in an industry that increasingly looks to other genres and styles for variety and new musical inspiration. 
Education & Tuition
Since graduating with a BA (Hons) from university in Liverpool, Gavin has been a supporter of  music in education and has worked for periods of time as a lecturer in Further Education colleges. 
Whether teaching classes or directing live practical workshop sessions, Gavin has always encouraged the idea that music can help nurture positive social and academic development in all.
Gavin has taught a number of Units on the BTEC ND Popular Music course and his instrumental skills extend to vocal coaching and beginner guitar tuition.